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Hue is the most dominant form in color and a critical aspect of design.

living applies to everything living, furniture, soft goods, art, lighting, accessories.

La Hue Living is an innovative interior design studio with both a showroom and a full workroom on site. We are a dynamic and talented team, dedicated to the highest level of creative expression, who offers the client not just a custom made product but also a great experience. All our work is custom made, exclusively for the client. 


La Hue Living offers full interior design services to its clients and sells a full range of custom made furniture, custom headboards, custom window treatments, fabrics, custom refinishing for furniture, hardware, soft-goods, pillows, accessories, and more. 


All our custom work is made right on-premises and we offer more than 15 years of experience. 


what our clients are saying

"Claudia came into my house and had to work with an odd layout. I had one idea in mind, but after diligent measuring and laying the floor plan out a couple different times, she realized that my idea was not going to work. She did a wonderful job of explaining why it wasn't going to work yet incorporated some of my thoughts into the final product. She listened to my vision for the room and did an amazing job at picking fabrics and furniture that touched upon everything. I absolutely love the look of my new living room. It has the old Hollywood look I was hoping for with just the right amount of bling. Thanks Claudia!"

Jess C.

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