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claudia baylock

          Claudia Baylock is the founder and creative director of LA HUE LIVING. She is a graduate of the very cosmopolitan Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, with a strong background in furniture design and custom work. A lover of different cultures and languages. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Claudia brings her international vibe to the design process.

Creating multi-faceted designs for both residential and commercial environments as well as expansive layers of custom work and decorative details.

As a former student of interior architecture and design, Claudia adheres to the function-first approach to design. From there, the pieces in a room should flow effortlessly. Claudia is big on mixing colors and textiles. She believes that an eclectic mix of design elements and textures can transform a space. Claudia’s goal is to create a highly personalized space that is both exciting and the client loves to live in.


After working in the professional field for over 10 years Claudia decided to open her own Interior Design Studio. “I wanted to have control of the production of the furniture, having worked for two great furniture companies, I realized that if I have my own interior design studio with both a showroom and a workroom in the site I would have full control of the custom orders and production." That is how La Hue Living was born.


Her vision going forward is to create a brand of La Hue Living and continue offering her clients stunning products that they will enjoy for generations.

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