Fabric 101

What room is the busiest in your house? Living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Office? Regardless, you want to make sure your furniture not only compliments your style, but can handle your daily activities. That is why when purchasing upholstery fabric or upholstered furniture you must know the type of fabric you need.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Natural fabrics can either come from animals, seeds, or vegetable. Fabrics such as leather, wool, silk, vinyl, and mohair are much more breathable and for the most part, aren't blending with chemicals. Synthetic fabrics are those such as polyester, nylon, and rayon or man made fabrics and have become much more popular within the past decades.

Which is Better?

It depends on you and what you are going for. For example if you want a durable sofa because you have kids and pets, then you should go for a heavy duty fabric. So wether you choose a cotton or polyester fabric, make sure it's heavy duty -- it will be durable and last a long time perfect for your lifestyle.

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