Drapery Hardware

When settling into your home or redecorating, one of the first things you should start with are your windows. It's easy and a change in curtains, whether it's store bought or custom made, will immediately transform your room. However, if you want to bring it up a notch, you should also install some good drapery hardware.

It's important to have a good sturdy rod to hold your curtains, especially if they are heavy. Nonetheless, just because it should be sturdy does not mean they should be plain and boring. There are many vendors that create beautiful drapery hardware that will make your guests notice those careless details.

There are different types of finishes and styles, again, it all depends on the vendor. There are resin, wood, glass, and metal to name a few. Definitely choose a finish that matches the scheme of your room or choose a contrasting one to make them pop out more. Choosing a finial is also important if you want to add more detail. There are endless choices for finials.

If you are not sure what what finish and style you want, we recommend to call/visit your local upholstery store. La Hue Living has a beautiful selection of hardware in store and we have a variety of drapery hardware books you can look through. We will help you make your home look exceptional!

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