Bedding 101

Start with a good mattress.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good mattress... please. What is the point in having your bed look like it's the best thing to seep on if in reality, it makes you lose sleep? Now in days there are a ton of new innovative companies that sell mattresses, however, do you research to find the best mattress for you. A good quality mattress will last you years and years and your body will thank you.

Add the layers.

Find a bedding set that complements your room and style and if you can't find one that you like, don't worry-- it may be best to find individual pieces and curate your own set. You should have a fitted sheet, top sheet, and duvet/comforter.

Finding the right pillows will also make your bed look great and help you sleep at night. There are standard pillows (20"x26"), king pillows (20"x36"), and euro pillows (26"x26"). If you want to go fo the hotel look, definitely play up your pillows.

Add the final touches.

Once you've got the basic pieces and your bed is looking complete, you can still add decorative pillows and a throw to add more style. The great thing about decorative pieces is if you have one bedding set, you can change the look of your bed with different decorative pieces. For example, during the summer you may not even use a comfortable, but you can add bright colored pillows for a fun look so your bed won't look too empty. Or in the winter, you can add an extra layer with a nice thick woven design blanket to add warmness and textures.

Care taking.

To make your bed look and feel extra good, you should take care of it properly. Read the instructions of each piece on how they should be washed, because it will prolong your pieces and you'll get your well money's worth out of them!

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